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About us - Please read before to apply!

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About us - Please read before to apply!

Post  Thunderjulot on Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:32 pm

Zealot LS is looking for a few good peoples who are looking to commit to an HNM shell.
We camp the following every day: Sandworm, Ixion, we also camp Nidhogg/KB/Aspid every day that there is an HQ possibility. And we regularly trying to camp out at Khimaira/Cerb/Tiamat.

Sandworm/Ixion are only mandatory after we've already claimed it but you will have to help scanning + fighting if you want to earn a gil reward. HQ kings day are mandatory windows. Khimaira/Cerberus/Tiamat are only mandatory to camp if it still hasn't popped by the final 3 hours worth of windows, and also mandatory if the holding party claims naturally.
However, if you happen to have a regular event shell on the side, you are absolutely exempt from mandatory windows; So if you have salvage/einherjar/limbus/ZNM/Dynamis during a Nidhogg window--don't worry, you're free to go.

Sandworm/Ixion are 100% sell/split. If you've camped/scanned pre-pop, you will be given an even share of the sell/split along with the other scanners. People who come just for the fight only get attendance, but no cut. For many people, SW/IX are lucrative. Also, if you want one of the SW/IX items, you can buy it at a member discount. We deal out other gear in an order of 'wishlist priority > restricted freelot > inside buyer > outside buyer'. We sell rare/ex sometimes when we dont need it anymore, and when we do it's split between everyone attending. We have no bank; all sell/splits are managed by members.

You can wishlist 2 items at a time. Wishlist priority is a formula function of attendance (for the past 8 weeks, its not based on total points dont worry) and the length of time the item has been on your wish list. There's never any debate/drama over drops; one can obtain gear with low play time but seniority, or with high play time in a shorter period. The dkp/sell-split database is integrated into the site, viewable by all, and is fast and easy to use.

We are mainly a HNM LS but we are still doing some Sea/Bv2/Ouryu/KSNM99~ on Saturday so if you're looking for HNM gears, good sell/splits, or the general atmosphere, then this LS is for you.

Jobs we're looking for: PLD RNG WHM RDM BRD BLM SMN THF
Need at least 2 jobs: Tank or Mage + Damage dealer.
Time zone: All, EU|JP|AU > NA at time.

Co-requisites we're looking for:
Basic Prerequisite, Attendance / Commitment / skill > Job Selection > Gear.
If an LS claims something, they can probably kill it. So what's important is getting claims, and that of course begs for attendance. You should know how to /blockaid, avoid drama, not flail, have appropriate subs, sea access, outposts, Allied notes etc--basic stuff. Any questions about that, or anything else at all, and I'll be much obliged to answer your inquiry.

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