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Lifestop Application

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Lifestop Application

Post  Lifestop on Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:16 pm

Character Name: Lifestop

Previous Server(s): Bahamut

Previous Character Name(s):

Previous Linkshell(s), and the reasons you left:
Absolution: Leadership sucked ls ended up breaking
ChigoeUnion: Leadership quit the game, ls broke
FullEclipse: Friends transferred out and i took a break from the game

Rank/Nation(s):10 Windy

Job levels and subjobs - if 75 DRK is it TP Burn Ready? (multihit weapon + HP build):
rdm with all subs
lolblu >.>

Merit Points:
Mostly in rdm, 8/8 enfeeb 8/8 elemental 5/5 slowII and other misc

Current Zilart Mission (sky):done

Current Promathia Mission (sea): done

Current ToAU Mission and Assault Rank:The Black Coffin, PFC

Timezone you play (us/jp/eu) and approx. hours per day:US
i have class until 6pm est so pretty much any time after that

Does anyone else have access to your account?

What endgame experience do you have? Please be specific and list the mob and jobs played:
I have killed all sky gods, most jailors, kv, ka, ground kings a couple times, ixion and sw about 10 times each.

What would you like from Zealot?
A good linkshell thats been around a while. I would get in good ranking with a linkshell going for an item i want then the linkshell would break so i want to join an established linkshell.

Who in the ls that will vouch for you?
Noone that i know of

What would you add to Zealot?
Skillful and have experienced enough hnm to know what to do

Are you willing to spend 3+ hrs a day waiting for a pop?

A little about yourself:
I'm 19 going to college in the mornings and have an intership mondays, wednesdays, and fridays until 6est. Weekends are mostly free and in the summertime it should be alot more free depending on if i get the job i applied for.

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Re: Lifestop Application

Post  Thunderjulot on Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:14 am

Good try, hmm lets see: Subvert RMT scums as LS mates(Murdax and Fuzzyx) on bahamuth server, may be a coincidence anyways we wont risk it, i am sorry clown PM me if you have any question...

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