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Post  Macone on Wed Mar 24, 2010 5:49 am

Character Name: Macone (old name was take Sad )

Previous Server(s): Bahamut

Previous Character Name(s): Macten

Previous Linkshell(s), and the reasons you left: UnDeFeatable (also known as UDF). My main reason for leaving is to be able to play with friends on this server and get back into a more active environment. I love UDF, they are one of the longest standing shells on Bahamut and I have a lot of respect for all their members. I personally just was not having fun anymore on that server due to it dieing and the lack of people to do what I wanted to. I am bummed about leaving some close friends I have there but I have a lot of friends on this server so I'm stoked about that.

Rank/Nation(s): R10 Windy R10 Sandy R1 Bastok

Job levels and subjobs - if 75 DRK is it TP Burn Ready? (multihit weapon + HP build): 75 Cor Rdm TH4 Nin Rng 70 Blm 59 Mnk 40 War Sam Drk 37 Whm Dnc

I also have a second account with 75 Blm Sam 50 Rng(for Widescan mule)
*Note: His Blm is geared pretty well and his Sam is meh(I do have Hagun for him though)

Merit Points: 3HP, 8/8Dagger, 4/4+Emnity, 4/4+Crit, 8/8Ninjutsu (going to be switching to Elemental), 8/8Enfeebling, Capped Thf, 5/5Bio III, 5/5Snapshot, 3/5 Rapid Shot, 1/5 Stealth Shot, 1/5 Flashy Shot, 5/5 Quick Draw Recast, 5/5 Quick Draw Acc
I am currently working on capping Rdm and Cor

Current Zilart Mission (sky): Done (Both Accounts)

Current Promathia Mission (sea): Done (Second Account on Three Paths)

Current ToAU Mission and Assault Rank: Shades of Vengance, First Lieutenant (I am 50/51 Assaults)

Timezone you play (us/jp/eu) and approx. hours per day: Whenver I'm not in class, surfing, wakeboarding or at a soccer game (I'm a Bioengineer at University of California, San Diego and playing soccer for the school as well)

Does anyone else have access to your account? No, if I was going to give anyone access though it would be Ballpointpen or Kaze.

What endgame experience do you have? Please be specific and list the mob and jobs played: I have lead almost every EG event on TH4, IE: All Dynamis Zones, All Limbus Zones, Einherjar, Ground Kings, Bahamut, Sky, Sea. I have been out of the HNM scene for almost 3 years now so I will definitely be a little rusty with that and I do not have much experience with DI or Sandworm but I am not an idiot and I learn fast. I also have very little experience with SCNM mobs.
I also want to mention that I literally got 75 Rdm like a week ago and do not have much experience with it. Any and all advice is helpful on it so far love playing it.

What would you like from Zealot? Fun time and some HNM stuff

Who in the ls that will vouch for you? Kazesora(I think thats how Hwao spelled it), Ballpointpen

What would you add to Zealot? Someone who is not an idiot, I can also 2box constantly.

Are you willing to spend 3+ hrs a day waiting for a pop? Definitely

A little about yourself: I don't like controversy and I avoid game drama. I also like long walks on the beach under a full moon and pie. I really really like pie.


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Re: Mac

Post  Oaks on Wed Mar 24, 2010 9:05 am

Thank you for your interest in Zealot HNMLS. We will review your application and get back with you very soon.


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