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Charzue's App.

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Charzue's App.

Post  Calmccf on Sat Mar 06, 2010 4:34 pm

Character Name: Charzue

Previous Server(s): Sylph but this was 6 years ago.

Previous Character Name(s): Charlorf.

Previous Linkshell(s), and the reasons you left: Starrzzangels, I didn't like the way they did Kirin none of their paladins could hold hate.

Rank/Nation(s): Rank 10 Bastok

Job levels and subjobs - if 75 DRK is it TP Burn Ready? (multihit weapon + HP build):
NIN with war, dnc, rng sub soon to have drk sub for it. MNK with nin, war, dnc sub. Sam with war, nin, dnc, rng sub. Rng with war, nin, sam subs. Working on whm 75 next after i get my sch sub to 37.

Merit Points: Fully merited SAM 5/5 Overwhelm, 5/5 Storetp, 8/8 GKT, etc. 2/8 H2H.

Current Zilart Mission (sky): The Last Verse.

Current Promathia Mission (sea): The Last Verse.

Current ToAU Mission and Assault Rank: President Salaheem TOAU 3 PSC.

Timezone you play (us/jp/eu) and approx. hours per day: US 4-8 hrs.

Does anyone else have access to your account? no

What endgame experience do you have? Please be specific and list the mob and jobs played: Not much, I've fought Bahamut V1 as RNG, I have nyzul isle runic key but nyzul is pretty lol. I've low manned nms before with Joons we've duoed ungur, bune etc with me on nin/dnc. I'm pretty good on nin/dnc I look forward to tanking nms on nin/drk if given the opportunity.

What would you like from Zealot: Black belt items and most importantly the chance to tank HNMS as Nin/drk

Who in the ls that will vouch for you: Joons, Donomar.

What would you add to Zealot: I have a funny humor, I can make shihei dirt cheap for u guys as i have 80 ww and 60 alch, and i'm very good at learning how to fight nms and most importantly I know how to listen.

Are you willing to spend 3+ hrs a day waiting for a pop: Yes.

A little about yourself: I like snowboarding, surfing and swiming.


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Re: Charzue's App.

Post  Thunderjulot on Sun Mar 07, 2010 9:55 am

Hello , thank you to post your application to Zealot, i will post this in our voting forum, check your private messages in 2-3 days

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