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Hampsters app^^

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Hampsters app^^

Post  Hampster on Mon Feb 15, 2010 5:40 pm

Previous Server(s): Asura and only Asura

Previous Character Name(s): Hampster

Previous Linkshell(s), and the reasons you left: was in a hnm/endgame ls called everest it broke due to leader quiting the game ; ;, also joined afhunters but it was way too unorgenised and not what i thought it was going to be, other ls was just a social with some friends^^.

Rank/Nation(s): rank 10 in bastok, rank 1 in the others

Job levels and subjobs - if 75 DRK is it TP Burn Ready? (multihit weapon + HP build): 75 rng, 75 sam, 75 pup, 75 mnk, 75 cor, 65 rdm, 60 drg, 57 bst, 49 blu, 48 thf, 38 blm, 37 dnc, nin, war.

Merit Points: hers my merits http://www.ffxiah.com/player.php?id=941000&sid=28#merits and i might as well add my gear sets as well, they need some more work on them but im gettine there^^ http://www.ffxiah.com/player.php?id=941000&sid=28#item_sets

Current Zilart Mission (sky):The sealed shrine.

Current Promathia Mission (sea): Dawn.

Current ToAU Mission and Assault Rank: Superior private.

Timezone you play (us/jp/eu) and approx. hours per day: im uk gmt timezone im useally on almost everyday from around 1pm - till roughly 1am but it differs sometimes i stay up till stupidly early hours and sometimes i dont lol.

Does anyone else have access to your account? nope^^

What endgame experience do you have? Please be specific and list the mob and jobs played: killed sandworm ka, behemoth, king behemoth, fafnir, aspidishelone (sp?), adamantoise, all sky gods way too many times lol ; ;, havent killed DI but i have scaned zones and gotten tod for him so many times and i know the strats used on him, not done too much sea other than low manning Ix'aern (Dark Knight), Jailer of Temperance and duoing the ufo's and soloing the random mobs for organs^^.

What would you like from Zealot: would like to experiance more hnms^^ obviously gear is nice, meet some new people and really have something to do and enjoy myself^^.

Who in the ls that will vouch for you: no one that i know of to be honest ive merited with a few of the members but thats it really.

What would you add to Zealot: i have a nice selection of jobs at least half decently geared, i listen and do all my research into the nms il be fighting and i know how to play my jobs decently.

Are you willing to spend 3+ hrs a day waiting for a pop: done it before and il definatly do it again^^

A little about yourself: my names sean i live in southampton uk, currently unemployed but waiting to hear back from microsoft about an apprentiship with them, i skateboard when i can (when im not injured at least lol No ) love to film and edit stuff and play games^^.


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Re: Hampsters app^^

Post  Thunderjulot on Mon Feb 15, 2010 6:25 pm

Hello , thank you to post your application to Zealot, i will post this in our voting forum.

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